​Megan Harrison has already been burned once by billionaire Max Pierce. Burned badly. He was her first true love, and she’d given him everything she had to offer. She’d thought he loved her too – that is, until he ended their relationship by leaving her a casual note “wishing her well”. Now, after three years of licking her wounds, Megan finds herself unavoidably thrown into daily contact with Max when he enters into her professional life.

​But this time, things are different. No longer a naïve university student who believes in true love, Megan is in the driver’s seat. Despite Max’s protestations that leaving her was a mistake and that he is a changed man, Megan knows better. Max might seem to have everything else – power, success, looks – but he can’t have her. No matter how much he says he loves her, no matter how much he is there for her, she can’t let history repeat itself. Or can she?



Could one brutal night change everything for Megan Harrison? After being left for dead bleeding from her head injury, the one man she thought she hated saved her. She fought the desire and the attraction she had for Max Pierce that had haunted her dreams for three long years. After that one kiss in his office, she knew she couldn’t resist him any longer. Desire and passion were there, but would that be enough? Trust—could she trust him one last time, open her heart, and give him a second chance at love, or would she set him free and never look back?

​Billionaire Max Pierce knew he wanted Megan Harrison, but when he found her unconscious lying in her blood, he thought he had lost her forever. His enemies wanted him to pay for what Pierce Enterprises had done to their families. An Eye for an Eye, they had said, and they knew the one weakness Max Pierce had. Megan Harrison. Through threats, gunshots, car explosion, they would stop at nothing to make sure Max Pierce would pay for his business deal gone wrong. Will Max and Megan’s love survive this or will they die at the mercy of his enemies?



Billionaire Joshua Pierce has a reputation for being powerful and arrogant—both in the business world and on a personal level. He knows exactly what he wants, and he will stop at nothing until he acquires it. But his control has been shaken since the moment Lizzie St. John, a gorgeous, sexy blond with a wicked smile and eyes that would make any man weak in the knees, entered his life.  That one indulgent night changed both their lives, igniting a passion that that’s still burning nine months later.  But now she’s refusing his advances and his calls, with good reason—after the events of that night, she knows she can’t trust him.

Lizzie St. John has had bad luck with men. First, her father disowned her for following her dream and not his. Then her ex-boyfriend stole from her. And now, the owner of her building has told her he’s selling and she only has seven days to come up with an outrageous amount of money if she wants to keep her business. That night with Joshua Pierce had given her a chance to break away, to forget. The moment Josh touched had her, there was no turning back. But then he’d shown her he was just like the others. Now he’s trying to prove he’s different. Could she give him a second chance, finally open her heart and trust again?