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Hi all I wanted to give you excerpt of BILLIONAIRE’S LOVE. Max and Megan’s story. I based my story in Montreal, Quebec, about how two people met during vacation. Was it a fling maybe, but not for Megan she fell heads overhead in love with Max Pierce. Could 3 years changes anything if they path cross again, Max will do anything to get her back, because he knows they are meant to be together.

Billionaire’s Love available everywhere; www.bpearsonbooks.com

“But, angel, we were so good together.”
“You know, Max, you’re right,” she said. “We were good
together until you left and never looked back. I’m done with this
conversation. Have a nice day, Mr. Pierce.” Megan tried to walk
by him, but he grabbed her arm.
“Megan, wait, can’t we talk things over?”
“I have nothing to say to you, and there is nothing you can
say that will change my mind on how I feel about you.
Where were you when I tried to call? I’ve texted you, and
what did I get in return? Nothing, Max, a big fat nothing. So,
excuse me if I am a little pissed at you right now, because what
you did was cruel. Who does that, anyway? If you didn’t want
to see me anymore, you could have said, ‘Sorry, baby, thanks for
the fuck, but I’m not looking for a relationship. It’s not you, it’s
me. I cannot commit …’ Oh, but wait, you did, you said, ‘I don’t
do relationships’ after we talked about our future. You gave me
hope, but then you crushed it with that damn note.”
Max could see that people around them were listening in to
their conversation. “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry, Megan. I wish
we could put this behind us and start over. Please just allow me
to try to explain why I did it.”
Megan let out a small laugh. She went right up again to his
face. “You and I will never happen again. So, whatever little
fantasy you have in that small brain of yours is just that – a
fantasy. You had your chance three years ago but decided to
leave it. Goodbye, Max.”
Just as she turned, Max took her arm and whispered to
her. “I will not give up on us, angel. I still ache for you. I made
a mistake.”
“Goodbye, Mr. Pierce.” And she left. Arrrggg! Why does he
do that to me? He gets under my skin. I hate him! Oh, God, give
me strength!

Hope you enjoyed this excerpt feel free to ask me any question? How far would you go to get want you want.




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