I finished reading The Broken One from Ruth Cardello. What I hadn’t realized when I concluded that it would update my GOODREADS reviewed book. Anyway that being said.
It’s hard to lose someone unexpectedly, and blaming yourself is hard. We always hope why not take me instead. I know this is fiction, but you can’t help to have a little reality in it. Right! When Sebastien Romano, accidentally found a stuffed animal on the side of the road, he couldn’t care less about it, but something stronger told him not to. He couldn’t explain it he didn’t care, well that is what he thought anyway. What Sebastien didn’t expect is standing at the doorstep of it’s owner, he didn’t want to be there but yet there he was, and when an unexpected woman throwing herself at him for bringing back her daughters stuff animal wolf; AKA Wolfie something inside of him changed, may not have been right away. But when a four years old little girl calls him her hero, and she put her small arms around his neck, crumbled him even if it was just for a split second.
Love this story about how a single mom that would do anything to protect her daughter even though the intense attraction to a man that she could only see the sadness in his eye, Heather knew she couldn’t stay away.
Read how a single mom and daughter bring happiness to someone that thought he would never love again. FAMILY sticks together no matter what, and also find out how one little girl JUDY CORISI, would stop at nothing to find her family tree and bring DOMINIC CORISI family back together. A lost family that Dominic doesn’t know he has or does he.

Enjoy all hope you download this book

Enjoy your Saturday all


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