I always love reading someone I haven’t read before. I downloaded a Box Set of Kallypso Masters – Rescue Me Saga.

I wasn’t sure at the beginning if I would like it, but I kept on reading. Let me say I’m genuinely enjoying this box set. It’s not just about BDSM, but about Marine’s trying to cope once they leave the Corps. It’s about 3 men that became friends that now own a BDSM Club. And how their journey how they got there. I’m still reading, but you can feel the emotions that each character goes through. The trust, the nightmares, but it’s not just about the men; it’s also how they connect to that one person they never thought they could after losing so much in the Marine.

Right now, it’s Adam and Karla. Adam is 25 years older than Karla’s, he has seen a lot of hurt and grief in his life. The passing of his wife to Cancer, his brothers he lost in the war zone. Karla always believe that he was her hero, he saved her once at the young age of 16, and he saved her again 9 years later. But can Karla’s love for Adam save him from his own demons? Could he love again? Could he love someone much younger knowing she was off-limits? Can Karla feel for a man that lives in a world she doesn’t understand?

I’m so into it now that I cannot put this book or box set down, I wake up during the night pull the tablet out, and I need to read one more chapter. What a fantastic story this Box Set is, I’m not finished yet, and I cannot wait to find out what will happen to Damian.

Keep reading, I hope you will check this out.

Here is a little blurb from her Author Page you should all check her out- found others books I can read also after this one. – Below is writing by her without her consent and posted on my BLOG, so I hope you check out her website :http://kallypsomasters.com/books/box-set-rescue-me-saga-1/

READY TO GET RESCUED? In the ongoing Rescue Me Saga, the reader will be swept into a world of honor, heroism, and romance. The books in this series are not stand-alone stories and should be read in numerical order, beginning with the Masters at Arms in this combined volume. Readers will connect with each hero and heroine and be able to see them return in book after book as the saga continues. Happily Ever After is only the beginning and other people will be introduced as they choose to join this growing family.


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