I’ve learned a lot since I published in 2016. No knowing where to go, trusting or spending thousand of dollars, knowing you might not get your ROI. back. But I didn’t care. Why you ask?

I’ve never accomplish much in my life. I’ve always second guess my decision. I’m not a lawyer, I’m not a teacher, or have a bachelors degree. I’m only a person that finished high school, and fought for everything I had. I’ve always loved a good book, it was a way for me to escape the world around me.

There is so much to learn when you want to publish a book or novella. What I do know if you need to surround yourself with people that have a the same dream as you. They will show you the way, they will give your that extra push to keep going. You surround yourself with people in the craft of writing. You will get advice, you will learn from it. The hardest thing for me is finding an Editor, that will work with you, show you where your flaws are, where your strengths are. What you are missing, if your characters have a connection, if they don’t.

In 2013 I wrote Billionaire’s Love. I wanted to publish this so much it took me three 3 years. I had no clue what the cost would be. The word count, maybe you need to cut it back. When I first wrote it, it was over 160000 words so someone told me that I needed to cut it and average it between 60000 to 90000 words, So I decided that maybe it should be two book series. because there are things I just didn’t want to cut out.

I was pump, seeing my first book in hardcopy and paperback, I had bought so many copies which I still have today. You cannot get print copies now. But if you like to purchases my first edition, PM me and I would be more than happy to sign a copy and forward it.

So the moral of this, don’t give up on your dream. Keep pushing through it and surround yourself with knowledgable people. Authors, marketers, graphic designers. Don’t be afraid to ask question. I’m still learning today and I hope I can publish more in the future.

Cheers Brenda

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