We’ve made it. IT’S Friday.

What a week, so on Monday I got vaccinated second Moderna shot. Happy to say I’m feeling fine. First couple of days yes, you have a sore arm. What I have notice is that I felt tired, no energy. I just wanted to sleep. At least it passed right.

Another thing that has change, is now one day a week, on Friday I go into work. I love working from home to be honest, I’m more productive, less distraction. So I have to get up earlier.. haha no more sleeping in that extra forty five minutes.

Also I have been reposted my books that I’ve publish, and Book brush it makes it easy – thank you Book brush.

So we are expecting rain today, I’m writing this on Thursday night the clouds are moving in so by tomorrow it might already be raining. Meaning Friday. so if you are bored and you are not sure what to do. OPEN a bottle of wine tonight, site back and open your favourite book, your favourite Author. If you are finishing up a book and you feel like reading something light go to my website. www.bpearsonbooks.com and check out Billionaire’s Mistake. You will fall in love with Josh and Lizzie.

So have a fabulous Friday. Be safe, Be kind, and don’t forget to smile and hugs someone today.



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