Excerpt from Billionaire’s Mistake

I Stepped into the washroom and splashed cold water on my face. I needed to tap down the urge building inside or I was going to die of blue balls for sure. I looked at myself in the mirror, shutting down the beast building inside me. Lizzie was right, I wasn’t a good man when it came to women. I used them, like any other man out there. But I’d realized how precious time was when Max got shot. He’d been fighting for his life, and Megan was so much in love with him – not once did that girl leave his side. That love did exist, and I wanted it. if only I had taken my time and appreciated the person who was there right in front of me. Yeah, I never took women to my home, but Lizzie made me feel different. I wanted to be a better man around her.

I leaned against the counter in the bathroom, trying to shut down my ongoing erection, but this was just too painful. I heard a knock on the door. “Be right out,” I said, but then I heard a soft knock again. I yanked the door open. “I said – ” I stopped what I was going to say and stared at Lizzie. She looked at me with a knowing smile, then looked down. I wasn’t going to hide my erection from her, because she had put it there. I yanked her into the bathroom and shut the door.

I leaned her up against the counter and caged her in; I could smell her strawberry hair and damn if my cock didn’t get bigger. “Lizzie…” Just that one word and her big brown eyes looked at me.

“Dinner’s ready, they…asked me to come and tell you.”

I watched her take a deep breath, knowing being this close to me would do it for her. I knew her body; I knew how she reacted to my touch. I raised my hand and touched her cheek with the back of my hand. She flinched, but then relaxed into my touch.

“You’re so beautiful…Liz… I’m so sorry. What can I do for you to trust me again?”

“I can’t, Josh. It’s best this way. “

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