Did someone say Excerpt!

This Excerpt is Megan thinking about when Max had fell on top of her accidentally or was it?

Thinking back...If I don’t say anything I”m going to melt just from looking at him. He’s lying on top of me and staring. God, his face; he has the perfect jaw, nice cheekbones, with a five o’clock shadow. Jet-black hair with curls that you could easily get your fingers lost in… when he finally realized what had happened, he smiled back at her. Hell! I think i’m going to come just from him looking at me! Quick! think of something else. That’s it Damn! I can’t Where did this guy come from? Oh my god! That mouth those lips. What would happen if I just kissed him? Just thinking about it makes every muscle in my body ache. Oh, and those dimples! Wow! kiss him you fool. Come on, Meg! Just reach up and kiss him. Take control for once, just for this one time. He can’t take his eyes off you. He likes you.

Megan had closed her eyes, thinking it was just a dream. when she opened them, his eyes were dilated and dark. Holy shit! Fuck me baby! Come on, I know you’re turned on as much as I am. Control yourself, Megan. what is going on in that brain of yours!

Without a second thought, Megan raised her hands, pulled his head down and kissed him. It started really slowly. OH My! this man can kiss. He responded slowly, but then she felt his tongue licking her lower lip. She opened to him and his tongue met hers, sweet but demanding. She had kissed men before, but never like this, and she hoped this would never end. Her whole body burned like an inferno. She could feel the pressure building right down to her core; she needed him to calm the fire inside her. The whole world seemed to disappear around her. she moved her arms around him to pull him closer to her and then wrapped her leg around his waist pulling him closer.

thanks for reading my small excerpt – this scene was on the beach in the Hampton, when Max and Megan met.

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