What’s you’re Reading Week #5

Hi All hope all our America Friends are having an amazing 4th of July day Celebration. This will be my last Chapter from Billionaire’s Rescue. I’ve been struggling with this manuscript, I don’t know why I love Carla and Brandon story. How the meet how them click together. Carla doesn’t believe that she could attract someone like Brandon Pierce. Handsome, rich, a smile to die for. He give her confidence she never had before, he believe in her. So I hope you enjoy the next Chapter. This is a none Edit version. All copyrights reserved to bpearsonbooks.

  The sound of water flowing the morning dew lingering over the grass. The sound of joggers doing the early morning run before heading to work. The air was still crisp for June in West Island of Montreal, Quebec, but that was the last thing on Carla’s mind. She sat on the damp wooden bench and held her coffee as if it was the last hot beverage should ever drink. She held it close to her face trying to get the steam of her Tim Horton Coffee to warm her up. She took a deep breath as reality finally sinking in, she was homeless and unemployed; “What have I done?” She whispered to herself. 

Two days ago, she was in a relationship that was going nowhere, a job she had for 10 years she hated. Carla didn’t think or even plan before quitting her career, leaving a home that she had for the last ten years. Now she had nothing, she had a home, a job, security and now she had nothing, but a beat up old car, no job, or place to stay. “What have I done, dammit Carla! You didn’t think!” As reality kicks in. Carla, stared heading overlooking the St Lawrence River. Her insecurities of being alone, not having a home, she always had a plan.  Find someone cute and live happily ever after. “What the fuck did I do? You weren’t thinking Carla, stupid, stupid stupid!” she whispered to herself, trying to find logic in her decision. She gave up everything, being free and starting over. “Ah hell!” she wrapped her arms around her legs and held on to her lukewarm coffee. She wiped away the tears as an escape and rolled down her cheeks. 

She couldn’t stay in a place where she felt unloved, unwanted.  Bruce didn’t even fight for her, all he said; “Where will you go?” She didn’t care; she took her things and left, he didn’t belong to her, and Carla knew that she lost him a long time ago.  Yes, in the beginning, it was exciting living with Bruce, he was kind, sweet and he took care of her, but he didn’t love her. Ten years that was how long they were together. She was now on her own and had nothing, but a few hundred dollars in the bank and a car, that was ready to die any day soon.  Leaving a job, she hated why work for a company that didn’t appreciate how hard you worked.  

 If a perfect stranger knew she deserved better, then it was true, she needed something better, but what? That was the question, she wiped a tear from her cheeks she was stronger than this. She looked down at her phone and nothing, what was she expending Bruce to call and say he was sorry he wanted her back. 

 “What am I going to do?” She chanted to herself over and over again, believing in her mantra. Could she survive to be alone, she didn’t have a choice, she needed to do something with her life. If she didn’t figure out something soon, she would be living in a box somewhere under a bridge trying to stay warm. She was so lost in her own thoughts she screamed as someone touched her. 

“Carla, Oh My God! It is you. It’s me, Megan Harrison?” 

Picking up her empty cup from the ground, she looked up to a familiar face from the past. She flew into a familiar friend that she had not seen in 10 years. Megan Harrison, she ran into her arms and prayed to; this was not a dream. Growing up was hard; she never felt safer until she meets Harrison’s. Megan Harrison took her into her family. And it was the only place she felt safe and loved. “Megan, what are you doing here?” She looked down and saw that she had a stroller, with two infants, then remember. “That’s right I heard about you getting married and giving birth, oh! I’m sorry for what happened to you.” 

“Carla, what’s wrong, what happened to me was in the past we are all fine now, but I’m more concerned about you. You don’t look so good?” Megan said in a concerned voice. 

Carla always knew Megan would be an amazing mom.  She loves people, and she would do anything to help out a friend. “Oh, it’s nothing, I’m trying to figure out my life.” Carla could help but smile at the two precious children in the stroller. “They are so adorable, what’re their names.” She didn’t want to talk about herself, she was running from her own failures. Her miserable life that was going anywhere. 

“Ah… this little guy is Alex.. and this little princess is Emma, daddy’s little girl. I swear the moment that Max held her, she had her daddy wrapped around her finger.” Megan Harrison had married Billionaire’s entrepreneur Max Pierce. “So, what are you doing here this early in the morning, tell me what’s wrong, because you’ve been crying.”

What to say, she hadn’t seen Megan in 10 years, but she knew Megan would know something was not right.  She was always like that even when they went to school together. Megan was still the sister she always wanted and always knew what to say.  Carla never had a sister or brother, she was an only child. After her father died, she felt more alone because she didn’t, she also lost her mom. So having Megan’s family was like having parents she never had. 

“Listen, Carla, I can see that something is bothering you. You don’t feel right about talking to me after all these years.  What would you say if we took a walk together catch up? Don’t mind the two guys behind us, my husband is a little protective, and he wants bodyguards with me. So don’t mind them, they are going to follow from a far.” Megan turned to them; “Right guys, from afar.” She turned back to Carla; “so what do you say, we take a nice long walk.”  

Carla looked at Megan and nodded her head. “I would like that very much.” It was easy talking with Megan, by the time we got back to her car, Carla had opened up.  Telling her everything it was like an old time, and they laughed and cried, and it felt right.  

Carla looked at Megan in total aw – she couldn’t believe that she was offering her a temporary job with housing. Yeah, she loves children, and being with Megan again was having a little happiness back in her life. That dark tunnel that she was in didn’t feel so dark after, she could finally see a low sun at the end of it. “Megan only if you are sure about this and I would love to help, and you know how much of love kids.”

“It’s a no brainer, Max and I talked about it this morning. He was going to hire some stranger for our home when I would prefer someone I know and care about.  Let me handle my husband.” Megan smiled at her. “Don’t get intimidated by him, Carla, once he knows he will come around, trust me.”

Carla looked at Megan and smile, how could she say no. This morning she woke up walk out of the home she was living in for 10 years, not knowing what’s next. Now within a few hours later, she had a roof over her head and what more could she ask for. With Megan’s help, she knew she would get back on her feet in no time.

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