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A fan of Ruth from day one from the first chapter and I have been reading her books for almost five years now.  I cannot even remember which one I love the most because, to be honest. I love them all. 
I started with her Legacy Collection Series  Maid for the Billionaire Dominic Corisi.  

I RECENTLY just finished The Wild One.  The story about Maurício Romano, now this all links in with Dominic Corisi.  Dont’s know why yet but I know we will soon find out  – It’s still a mystery how these two family-related.  But if you have read her Legacy Series you will understand why Dominic is always angry his father wasn’t a good person.  

So let me tell you about the Story of The Wild One.

Paris, France, who wouldn’t want to escape to a city where you can walk for miles and explore with so much history.  Even though I’ve never visited Paris, it’s a city I would love to see.  Born and raised myself in a french community I’m proud to have a second language as french.

Mauricio Romano flies to Paris to meet up with a friend for business.  But when that supposed meeting with his friend doesn’t happen because his friends ingury and under heavy medication;  (note you need to read the book to figure that out.. lol)    Mauricio and Felix playboy ways, they both loved women and sex.  So when Felix ask a favor from Mauricio to go to his apartment and get rid of his long friend Cecile and friend.  He didn’t want to do his dirty work.  Yet, that what friends do. So he went without disclosing what medical conditions Felix was in .

Mauricio never had issues of attracting women, so when a blond with a sassy mouth, intelligent, and beautiful gave him a challenge one week of fantasy, how could he refused.  They were in Paris, after all! City of LOVE!
Wren Heath never took a vacation in her life, she loved her family and that was her priority.  So when her friend Cecile told her to come to Paris, she did.  What she hadn’t expected. Is to find a playboy wanted to give her one week of pleasure she would never forget.  One week he said; Could she trust her heart to walk away without getting hurt?

When Paris has gone and the real world with responsibility and no more fantasy. Will Mauricio and Wren find each other and give themselves a second chance or will they go their separate ways.

You will fall in love with this series from the 1st book Sebastian.

Thank you, Ruth, for writing heartwarming stories a family that sticks together, that fights together and loves each other no matter what – you will come back for more. 

Thank you for taking your time on reading my blog, share your comments. Tell me about a book you have read recently and share them I’m always looking for something new to read. 

Why not escape in a world of reading, where you can travel around the world without leaving the comfort of your home.

I think Ruth blurb said it best:

She wants to go wild. A billionaire decides to go with her. For two Americans in Paris, love wasn’t in the plans in New York Times bestselling author Ruth Cardello’s sexy high-stakes romance.

After years of choosing safe over satisfying, a weeklong Paris fling sounds perfect to Wren Heath. And who better to have it with than Mauricio Romano, a billionaire with a reputation as a first-class heartbreaker. A few days. Fun, then done. What happens on vacation stays on vacation, right?

Paris was Mauricio’s playground, and love was never part of the game. Lust? Toujours. Then he meets a sweet woman who wants to be a sex kitten. He knows how to give her the wildest five days and nights of her life. No commitments. No strings. But the hotter it gets, the harder it is to remember his own rules.

What do you do when what happens in Paris stays in your heart and then shows up at home?

Are these two destined to clash or destined for love?

You can find her book on AMAZON kindle unlimited
Cheers Brenda 

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