Morning, today I have the day off. feel great too. Was hoping for clear sky and sunshine. I do love a raining day also.

It’s still early in Nova Scotia and I’m sitting here drinking my first cup of coffee listening to the rail fall. The birds are singing they’re tunes. It’s a welcome to my normal hectic mornings.

I thinking about writing about a new story that happens here in Nova Scotia. The Pierce family continues! I’m about four chapters in. I’ve been reading this out loud to my Aunt. She’s loving it and she was touched by the way I started the story. Heartbreak. IT happens to everyone doesn’t it?

Excerpt from Billionaire’s Forgiveness

Megan looked at his face and sighed. She couldn’t cry, not yet! She had to believe that everything would be okay. She wasn’t sure if her prayers would be answered, and could only hope he would pull through. It’s funny how life changes in a blink of eye. Megan thought. Six months ago, she fell in love with the man that haunted her dreams for three long years.

The beeping of the monitors echoed in the distance as air was force into him. You sacrifice every day to protect the people you love. You never know what life will throw your way. It’s hard to know that the most precious person you love is fighting for his life. She had to remember the good times and focus on that.

The moment that she saw him on that beach, a shirtless stranger running towards her, she knew that her life would change forever. From that first look, that first touch, that first smile, she had fallen in love with him. Love hits you when you least expect it-sometimes not once but twice in a lifetime. what are the odds that it would be the same man? She considered herself the luckiest person on earth. Six months ago she fought him, but knew deep down her heart would win. Her mom always said life and love are risky, but also an adventure when you are with the right man.

THANKS FOR READING, I WILL continue tomorrow Cheers all hugs

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