Happy Monday all

So I’m slowing getting back into it. Hey, it’s ok to walk away from time to time. RE-GROUPE. Everyday we learn something new.

Yesterday, we had an amazing workshop what I’ve learned. As I said I’m learning not fast but learning. Have you ever heard of BOOK BRUSH. Haha.. I know I’m slow learner, there are many tools out there that I don’t even know about. I’ve played with Canvas, but THIS one is so much easier for AUTHORS. Templates are there and you just need to play around with it. I don’t think I’m ready to pay for the fee yet, and I wished I had a new book I can start building on but I’m far from it.

So I’m learning. I’m also working on another story. BASED here in Halifax. I’M EXCITED about it. Oh it has a Sexy hot Pierce man in it. haha. HEY, I don’t what to let the Pierce name go that easily.

So what is new in my world. Well, I’m not going to talk about Covid-19. EVEN though Nova SCOTIA is on lockdown. STAY HOME AND BE SAFE. that is all I’m saying on this. Haha.

This weekend, we played our 1st round of golf. even though it was late afternoon, it felt good to get out in the windy condition and yes it was a little chilly mind you but we survived. OH, WE didn’t finish the 18th because it was getting late and there was a back up and we were waiting most of the back 9 holes, so we called it quits.

My girl Molly, she’s our chocolate lab. I cannot believe she will be turning 6 this year. Time does fly by in the blink of an eye. I took her to the groomer on Saturday, because damn she really smelled like a dead fish. She was out in the trail, and in the lake, and playing with her friends. Besides, she’s shedding like crazy, she needed a good rub down and nail clipping.

OH, the pool is up and running and I’m sure once the weather warms up we will be spending much time on the back deck. Cannot wait to lounge around in the back, and do my summer living out there. Who knows what other story I might come up with. Also took out from storage our bikes. So will be getting pretty active this summer.

So here is to a productive week. BE SAFE ALL

Oh I will be posting more on my IG ACCOUNT so don’t be shy come over and say Hi. You can find me under (bpearson_books)

Till next time all. CHEERS AND HUGS

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