Dream big and don’t give up

In 2016 I said u give me 5 years in my writing career. But you know what I love to write stories. I’ve published three books. Well, one novella and two books. Any struggling author that starts in this journey comes down to How, who, and many why?

How: to I even publish a book. Man, I’ve learned the hard way and costly. I’ve learned a lot and one thing you need to find is an Editor that is willing to work with you. Make your book the best it can be.

Who; surround yourself with groups of people in your genre. You can learn so much from other authors that write the same as you. That has been in the industry much longer. They will give you so much advice. As a shy person myself it’s hard to speak up. But if you trust someone and like that author. She or he will give you that courage you need. Me was Author Cathryn Fox, Ruth Cardello, and HM Ward. I love these ladies and I cannot forget Nicola R White. Without her I would have been lost, she showed me is much.

Why? You will get frustrated many times and ask the why? I’m still asking the why? Ruth Cardello told me once don’t give up just keep writing. That was the best advice I ever got. Even if I never publish again, but I know I will in time.

So follow that dream and believe in your journey. Believe in you.

Hugs all


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  • 1cathrynfox
    Posted August 11, 2021 11:03 am 0Likes

    Thank you Brendan. That means a lot! I’m always here for you!!

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