Every wake up and feel like a lingering headache is at the forefront of your skull. It’s not beaches yet but you know it’s coming. Every now and then I get these. To me it’s a sign telling me stay home because if you don’t and you surround yourself with noise, it will be worse. I got one today.

Tuesday are the days I normally go to work, to office. So I emailed my boss telling him I will work from home. Honestly I do believe I work better at home. Less distractions and able to concentrate better. I happy I have this choice.

On a side note you will never guess what we did on the weekend. For months now I’ve wanted to watch Yellowstone Series. I think in my past life I had a thing of horses. In all the animal kingdom Horses are my favourite.

I’ve always wanted to live on ranch where there was horses. I’m a city girl I have to Amit to that. But I love the country most of all. A few years ago I had the privilege of having a course with Darcy, she was a young girl that loved her horses. I will be forever grateful if her. The horses she gave me to ride was brand gentle. I love being on top holding the reigns. I’ll be the first one to admit this but it takes skill to be a cowboy or cowgirl. Riding also takes skill (my thoughts only). Riding is not for everyone there is a connection you must have with a first . A trust that once you on the saddle you pray that you won’t fall.

So tell me all not talking about cat or dogs what is your favourite animal. For me it’s Horses the are a majestic animal that I love.

Share you photo have a wonderful Tuesday all

Hugs and be safe


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