I’ve been MIA LATELY not because I want too but I’m just exhausted. My day job keeps me busy and but the time the day ends my brain is fried. I can’t think let alone writing is hard.

So reading is my to go to that relaxes me. Recently my aunt told me about a series. You know how much I love series. Yup, I do. Well, it’s Jeannette Winters I believe she relates to Ruth Cardello. Anyway, my Aunt would go on and on about the Turchetta’s family. How does a family cope with losing a loved one? Ex-military special forces and seal and tech guru. You know where this is going right. Once they take leave they start Turchetta Promise. They go where no one else would..

I’m in book two now. I’m enjoying it for sure what I didn’t know is that Jeanette is also linked somehow to the Barrington, from Ruth Cardello series. Go figure I must of miss something here for sure. Something to look into.

Another nice series I found it’s only two books is Donna Alward -Playboy Prince service check it out if you have kindle unlimited.

Oh please check out Melody Anne The twelve horizon series it’s so so. You’ll be reading tiller hrs of the morning.

Cheers and happy reading all

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