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Hello everyone, I’ve been away, doing personal stuff, and I’ve been busy also. I’ve finally finished Taken Chances. I’m building manuscripts as I keep writing different stories about the Pierce Family.  the thing is that when I published my first book in 2016 I cannot believe it’s been 6 years already. and I was so into writing. that I published two in 2018 because I was that driven.  But it’s been 4 years since I published anything. It’s a hard market to get yourself known but a fan base.

So I’m thinking that I should pull out my books revamp them and secure them on Amazon. KU. What are your thoughts on this? I would like to know?  I’ve never gotten back the cost I put into those books, even though I was so excited at the time that I did it.

Anyway here is a little snippet of what I’m working on now. Yes, the Pierce legacy continues, and now we are in Nova Scotia. So to all of you out there enjoy and have a fabulous Thursday.- This is a rough copy and there is no title for this yet, as I’m thinking of changing my series around until then, I hope you like the snippet I’m working on.



I parked beside the Jeep and got out of my Audi R8. I knew where she was because my best friend Lucas Mcconnell had the woman of my dreams. A woman I wanted from the first day I met her.  I took off my Armani jacket and tie, tossed it on a leather seat, and closed the door. I checked the Jeep and she wasn’t in there. I walked up to the rock wall and checked the beach. It wasn’t long so it was easy to find her at this time in the evening. Overdress for sure for the beach in an Armani suit, and black Christian Louboutin shoes, but it wasn’t important. . Mia Baxter needed me, even if she didn’t know it yet.  I walked down the cement ramp, my shoes sunk into the sand and I walked over to her. 

Mia was my best friend’s fiancee. I could hear her talking and knew she was hurting.  I took a few more steps toward her and kneeled in front of her.  I had to be here for her.  This beautiful, fun, loving woman, should never have been on the receiving end of my arrogance.  But I had no choice. From the moment I saw her come into my office with my best friend three years ago. Her gorgeous hazel eyes, her blond hair flowing below her shoulders.  Her curve filled in all the right places. Her easy-going smile, had my dick hard, from that day.  When our hands touched that first time, I wanted her to be mine. There was only one problem: she was my best friend’s girlfriend and that made her off-limits.  

Asking her if she was ok might have not been my best decision. But she needed someone.  Having her small hands punches my chest, didn’t hurt but she needed to let it out. When I finally held her tight enough, her arms fell to the side. She cried on my chest and I leaned my chin on top of her head. My nostril flared at her coconut scent hair. I felt her weight as her legs gave way, she lost the will to stand. Her frustration subsisted and we both collapsed on the sandy beach as I held Mia in my arms. Feeling her pain, her sorrow. How can I be jealous of a deadman? My best friend. I’ve always loved how Mia smiled at Lucas Mcconnell, but I hated how my crazy ass-friend was sometimes. Or should I say, my late friend? A week ago he called me saying I’m living the dream, high as a kit and partying at every stop.  This didn’t make sense to me. When his mom had called today telling me what had happened to him. I couldn’t believe it, and my first thought was of Mia. 

Remembering Lucas telling me, he had to do this before he settled down with Mia.  I tried to tell him to stop what he was doing and come back to her. I knew he loved her, but he also wanted this freedom, this dream of checking out the beaches along the coastline, he said out of his systems. Yet, here I was holding Mia in my arms as she sobbed.  My obsession with Mia never stopped. She deserved someone stable, that would take care of her. Could I be that man? I was attracted to Mia, and I knew it wasn’t going away. I could feel that attraction last year at my birthday party.  When our lips almost collided. 

I knew no matter what I tried, she was someone I could never have, and hating her was the best option at the time.  My arrogance and hatred didn’t sit well with Mia, and I never showed my true feelings for her. Because dammit I couldn’t, but now all bets are off. 

Her sobbing finally eased and I held her tight against my chest.  Laying on top of me as my hands smooth the delicate curve of her back and my strong hands also caress her silky hair.  “It’s ok I’m here for you.”  I kissed the top of her head. 

“Liam, I’m sorry, I …I don’t know what comes next? He was supposed to be gone a week. Then it was two then three. Now, he’s never coming back. Why didn’t he come home.?”  She took a deep breath, I sense in her voice how painful she was feeling as she whispered to me those words.  

“Oh, Mia, if there was one thing I know is that he loved you.  He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.”  He held her tighter. She looked at me and damn did my obsession for her grew stronger. Her puffy eyes, her cheeks filled with tears. As I took my thumb and wiped away the wetness off her cheeks. 

The power to kiss her in this moment of weakness was so strong. But I couldn’t I couldn’t cross that line. Not yet anyway. I wanted to be here for her. Wait for her, show her how good it would be having me in her life. 

I watched her roll off me and sat beside me and I did the same. Shoulders touching that small touch loving the connection. Looking ahead the water of the ocean was calm tonight, the wind had died down and it was a perfect summer night.  “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry? I know Lucas and I never saw eye to eye on things.  He was reckless like he was always afraid of missing out on something. But one thing I knew is that he cared about you a lot. You were always on his mind. Since he was a kid, he dreamt of catching the waves from coast to coast. I thought he was crazy. I didn’t have the same passion he did. But I swear Mia, I knew he was coming back. One bad judgment he did cost him his life. The coast guard found his surfboard with a shark bite in it.”  I felt Mia’s hand on mine, as I turned and looked into her eyes. Seeing more tears coming down her face. 

“I’m sorry you losing your best friend. How did you know where to find me?”   she said in a whisper. 

“Lucas used to tell me you guys love to come here to talk. So, I figure this could be the only place you would want to be. I tried your apartment but there was no one there.” 

The night was pulling in fast and it was getting dark.  There was no other place I wanted to be but right here with her.  I felt her shiver beside me; “You cold?” I reached out and pulled her closer and wrapped my arm around her as she tilted her head and rested it on my shoulder. 

“Thank you.” she let out a sigh as she took another deep breath. 

“So what do you say we get out of here and get something to eat?”  I asked her knowing her answer before she even said anything. 

“I’m not that hungry, believe it or not. I think I will go home, take a hot bath and call it a night.”  

I rose and removed the sand from my trouser as much as possible and heard the sweetest sound coming from her lip.  “Are you laughing at me, Miss Baxter?” I looked at her and couldn’t help but grin. 

“A little, look at you. Liam, you have shoes and trousers that shouldn’t be sitting or walking on sand.”  

I would do it all over again to see that smile on her face. “It’s only clothes, Mia, nothing but a good dry clean will clean them off and a good puffy will have these shoes shining like new. Now come on?” I extended my hand to her, and the moment she put her delicate hand in mind. I knew she would mind. Now I have to convince her. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed it. I will keep working on it. who knows what will happen.

have a great Thursday all



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