I don’t know about you but it’s been a rough two days at work it’s brutal. When it becomes too much you got to get up and walk away even if it’s for five minutes to bring down your stress level. Because I know for a fact that your muscles in your shoulders your neck and everything gets all bundled up in the nerves and it’s overwhelming you you gotta walk away even if it’s just for five minutes. So that is my tip for the day onto better things.

So I need to start working on second chances that is my story about Jake Owen self made billionaire from New York. He’s an investment Broker and best friend to Max Pierce. Jake didn’t have much time for personal life until he set eyes on Mary Pierce. There was one problem she was married.

When Mary Pierce attended her nephew’s wedding. She had make sure her life was a happy one. God only knew it wasn’t. Until an unexpected man saw through her facade.

So that is what I’m working on wish I had more time to write these stories.

Have a wonderful Wednesday all picture taken this morning was the moon setting in Halifax NS

Cheers be strong 💪 believe in yourself and nothing will stop you.

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