Everyone has heard this expression right? You are what you eat. What does this mean?

Well for me I’m an emotional eater. Yup, I said it. I stress, I eat. I panic, I eat… I worry, I eat… see the picture here. There was a time where I would burn off all that build up energy inside me. Now not so much. We get so comfortable in our own little bubble that we take the easy way out. Well for me anyway I’m not talking about anymore one else but myself.

In 2020 I weight in at 214 lbs I’m ashamed to say this but it’s true. So I join Noom. And I learned a lot about myself. What, why, how. Bad habits are so hard to break I was doing amazingly well. I lost 20 lbs for someone that is only 5’2”. That is huge I was doing so well and I had gain so much information. I was proud of myself.

Then it hit me I wasn’t losing anymore my weight stabilized and I had reach my plateau I wasn’t going anywhere. The worst thing you can do is give up. Hate to tell you all but I did. I gave up these last two months I gave up on me and that is the worse thing you can do. No matter what happens in your life never give up on that one person that means the most. YOU.

What made me realize this is yesterday post about my board and my goals. (I’m allowed to make mistake.). Is one of the quotes I have on my board. But I also have (Anything is possible, believe you can, believe in you.)

It’s ok to struggle when losing weight. Because I know I do it’s not easy especially when temptation surround you. But you know what I’ve learned is that you don’t have to deprive yourself on eating something you love. Me, chocolate is my weakness. I’m actually surprised I’m not 300lbs but when I crave chocolate I indulge in it because I know it’s going to be the best damn chocolate I’ve eaten.

Don’t be shy talking about your struggle. What I miss the most is the power of support system I had with Noom. I love how they are there to support you encourage you to push a little more. Now I’m on my own and it’s hard I won’t lie.

I’m writing this today because I want people to know that we all struggle. No one is perfect and if I can help one person by speaking out about my own issues with weight your not alone. There are all kinds of adds out there, it’s hard to believe what is real and what is not. I’m 58 years old and I never though I would blog about this but it’s true. The older you get the harder it is.

As long as you don’t give up that is all I’m saying believe you can push through it. It took me over 20 years to put that weight on. So yeah it will take time to get it off.

Love yourself is half the battle but believing in yourself is all so worth it. Don’t give up! You’ve got this.

These are my thoughts for today so have a wonderful Wednesday all. Fight for yourself because no one else will. well unless you have a sexy hot man beside that keeps pushing you off that couch. Hahah

Have a good day all

Hugs 🤗

Brenda 💋

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