We keep busy with our lives and the next thing you know boom it’s middle of week. time is moving forward.

I was outside earlier this morning with Molly reflecting on all our projects that we need to accomplish.

Five minutes looking around I was exhausting. Haha and it wasn’t daylight yet. Birds chirping sun rising. Honestly I was so discouraged. But I know we need to tackle one project at time.

Wishing there was three of me, maybe 4. Wouldn’t that be awesome. One to give orders the others to do task on hand. Wait it’s me so we all share the same brain so know gives order we just do it. more energetic part of me would be able to write more.

Don’t get me wrong I love our home. There is always something we need to fix. We have a floodlights on the side of the house and it burnt two years ago needs to be replace. It’s not working properly. Derek ask me last night so when are you change the light. Laughing here. Haha. I didn’t know I became electrician too. Mind you I’ve done that before.

Well as the saying goes I guess for us woman we are a jack of all trades. Haha 😂.

Let’s be honest growing up I hated cleaning, doing dishes anything that considered house cleaning. YUK! Who hasn’t done this growing up. Time for dishes and I don’t mean dishwasher as back in the day that was luxury. As soon as my dad would say that, I had to go to the bathroom. Haha yup I hated dishes. I don’t think my brothers would jump either they would find excuses also.

The moral of the story is that I would prefer being outside. I was a tomboy for sure. I learn to build to paint to do physical work better than doing that domestic cleaning. Haha

I’ve change my house is clean but to say I’m obsessed by it. Hell no! I have a dog that she’s. So if you come over there is alway hair somewhere on the floor. Even as I sweep everyday.

My dad once told me that he would see me in a bulldozer than doing what woman normally did. Back then it was secretarial work office job. I must say I think I would have like that being being wheel of big machinery. Haha mmm why didn’t I follow through.

Needless to say I wish I could work outside now. I’m tired of being inside and watching the days go by. So if your find your listening to your dad advice as you grow find your passion don’t settle because you might look back and say. “Dad was right after all.”

So here is to a fabulous day my friends and enjoy.

Hugs and be safe


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