What are you Reading Thursday?
Good Morning lovely friends.

It’s not the first time I wrote something or said something about Author Cathryn Fox.  I’ve read The burbs and the bees. Which I thought was so hilarious and sweet and romantic and based in Nova Scotia.  I don’t know why I haven’t stalked her yet. haha.

So recently I downloaded The Playmaker by Cathryn Fox. It’s a hockey series.

Nina Callaghan was always considered Cason Callaghan’s little sister.  He always took care of her, same as Cason’s best friend Cole Cannon. If the is one rule about being best friends little sisters are off-limit. Growing up wasn’t easy for Nina, but she always knew she could count on her brother

When her career ended due to a concussion as a figure skater, she had to find a way to re-direct her life.  She became a romance writer. She was good at what she did, but when her editor said she needed to write a series about hockey romance. Well, she said yes, the only problem is she knew nothing about hockey. She hated hockey. Even though her brother played for the NH.  She never attended a game, Not only that even Cason’s best friend was an NHL player. Cole Cannon, The Playmaker. A man that was with many women.

Nina’s, best friend Jess knew a lot about hockey, so when she suggested that Nina ask Cole for some research because he was out of the games due to a concussion himself and he had to take it easy, till he got cleared by his doctor. But there was one problem with this situation they hated each other.

Cole Cannon A.K.A. The Playmaker. is ruthless on ice and an asshole on most days he gave want the fans wanted.  When his best friend’s sister called he couldn’t say no. There was one problem he was an asshole to the world and he knew what Nina, his little nickname to her was and always will be his Pretty BallerNina. He had a secret he never showed his true self to anyone.  That secret was loving a nice girl, that was so close but out of reach. He never wanted to cross the line.

Until one day his Pretty BallerNina showed up at his door, Could he show Nina how arrogant and asshole he is, Will she see through his persona of  The Playmaker.

Well, I must say that I should read more of CATHRYN FOX’s books as they are funny and sexy, and yes they do make me cry.

This books was published in 2018 and I cannot believe I didn’t pick up on the Series earlier, it also reminded me of another Author I love to READ.. Natasha Madison Hockey series.  So Well done Cathryn, I cannot wait to see what comes next, because now I want to know what happens with Cason.

So with that I hope you enjoy this Thursday read, and I really recommend everyone to read up on this Nova Scotia Author, Cathryn Fox, there is so much talent in this Province and I’m bless to be surrounded by amazing talent here in Nova Scotia.

Have a wonderful day





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