Wednesdays Thoughts

Morning my lovely friends,

lately, I haven’t been feeling my joyful self.  I want to do so much but my scattered brain is a blank slate. I’m reflecting on nothing.  Kind of sad isn’t it. My Aunt ask me what I wanted, and I couldn’t even answer her.

I told her that I wanted to go where there is nothing to do and possibly sleep for a week, cry if I wanted to. I feel all of me is just tired.  I’m sitting here in my home office and watching the sunrise through the trees wishing I had a better view.

My mental me is exhausted I guess.  Wondering if this ever happens to anyone else. I know I will push through this because I’m stronger than it overtaking me. I can’t believe that last night I went to bed at 730 oh I might have read a little. But I slept right through.

when I woke this morning I had a breakthrough on how to start Brandon and Carla … Well, I think anyway. and I have to remember what I was saying to my inner self. Because I woke up and said it to myself.

So with that – I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday. Be Strong, tell someone you love him/her and be safe.



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