OH Monday … wait it’s TUESDAY, RIGHT?
WONDERING, where did the weekend go?  Projects who likes them? Well, if there were 3 of me it wouldn’t be so bad. Having a 7-4 job, Monday thru Friday you are limited on what you can do.

I’ve or should I say we’ve been working on this deck for over a month now, and I feel we are at a standstill. With only the weekend to do things, it’s hard.

Wishing I could be the good witch, like Samatha on Bewitched and with a blink, voila it is done  The reality is that it doesn’t work that way right?  Maybe get a bunch of friends over, even when everyone is so busy and it’s hard to break away as they all have their own projects to do.

So if I don’t post or send anything on my blog, it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten. It means that summer projects are here.

So with that check my Instagram post or Facebook, I will be updating weekly.

Happy Tuesday all and enjoy a fabulous Tuesday.

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