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Good morning my lovelies.   my friends.

I recently finished reading Lucy Score (Protecting What’s Mine – A small town love story. Benevolence Series.

As you know or may not know is that I saw this Author on Melody Anne’s IG feed a few months ago and I looked her up and loved her.  What got me today was tears running down my cheeks. In this book, FD Chief Lincoln Reed has a dog name sunshine.

I love that you can read on at the end and get an extra epilogue from her books.  In this one at the very end, she writes about a rescue dog that she rescued Sunshine. A golden retriever that had anxiety issues.  I love that her husband and her keep the dog and gave her home as no one wanted her.

Let me tell you my own story about my dog Maggie. She was a chocolate lab, I’m a shame to say that we did by her from a place that went through puppy mills, which we didn’t know at the time. I loved her from the moment she put her in my arms, Derek and I had to talk about it and know that we can’t leave her there for people to knock on the window to get the attention of the dog.  We bought her because we both loved labs and we didn’t have children, but I didn’t know how to take care of a dog. We kennel-trained her.  She was the only dog in the neighbourhood that had her room.  As we both worked during the day, but as you know having a puppy until she’s trained there was a lot of running around.

She went everywhere with us, she was part of our family.  We bought here in Nova Scotia, we moved here with us to Quebec, and moved back to Nova Scotia.  On August 28, 2015, I knew something was wrong with her days before that date.  She didn’t show any pain she was still eating and drinking but there was blood in her water.  I remember calling the Vet.. in Tantallon amazing people there.  I told Derek something is wrong.  Maggie was affectionate but she would not let us touch her.  red flag right?

So on that Friday morning August 28,  I was the first appointment, thinking that she might have an abscess on her tooth or something. As this may happen.

Maggie looks at him with her sad puppy eyes and it’s almost as if she was thanking me.  Because I knew she was hurting. but I only thought that it was something that antibiotics would fix.

What happened next is not what I had expected.  I tried to stay strong the doctor was talking as I tried to hold back tears. it couldn’t be.  Maggie was still sitting on the floor and I could feel the relief in her.  she was in pain lots of pain. she didn’t whine but I could feel it.

Dr. Hare was honest with me.  He said that she had a lump the size of a golf ball under her tongue. which was bleeding.  He said we can operate but she would lose half her tongue, and he couldn’t guarantee that the lump would not come back.  As he said that he saw cases where it came back in vengeance.  Or we can put her down.

This blew my mind, I wasn’t ready for losing her. I called Derek and the doctor talk to him also. I guess he ask questions that I couldn’t.  We had to make a decision, it was a tough decision to make but I didn’t want her to suffer any longer. and we didn’t know how long she would have.

that morning I stayed with Maggie, and it broke my heart as she laid her big head on my lap. as they stayed with me talking with me, telling me that the injection is to calm her. I talk to her caressing her coarse fur as she knew. I can’t explain this the feeling you get inside she was my baby girl.

It was cancer and it took me a couple of weeks in the house before we didn’t have her anymore  She had an amazing life. She was stubborn and did what Maggie wanted to do.  She will always be the first that took a piece of my heart with her.

That same year, came Molly, oh boy, what a difference in character.  She’s sweet, opinionated, carrying, loving, love to run, love to play, loves to swim, and loves everything to do with the outside.  Where I go she goes. We are giving her a dog life dream. adventure with other dogs a couple of times a week.

all this to say that animals whether you are a cat, dog, or any other animal love brings joy to your life.

I’m a dog lover first and foremost. Molly is a purebred chocolate labrador, and she rules this home, we are her keepers. that is what I tell myself. We gave her a home, and she brings joy to our hearts. and she loves us unconditionally.

so to all the dog lovers out there or animal lovers tell me your story.

this is why I can relate to Lucy Score – sunshine dog.

to all animal lovers out there have a fabulous day.




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