Everything we plan GOALS well many people do?
I’ve never done this and sometimes wonder if I should. You might have seen that I’ve been distant lately from all social media. It’s for a good reason because I’ve been reflecting on what is important to me.
2019 is over, and I cannot say I’m happy to see it go.
Changes I realized that I’m not good with change – the older I get, the more emotional I understand for some reason. I’ve tried many things hoping to find my niche- my zang- on what I want to do in the future. I realized I need to focus more on me moving forward.
1st – I love to write – so my primary purpose is to finish my book this year. My next installment of Pierce Brothers. So I can get this book published.
2nd – my side business – I’m not computer savvy as everyone might think, but I love the product I’m using. Weight Loss Program – there are beauty products also which I’m obsessed with. I believe in this product, I’m no means a leader, and I realized that I’m ok with that. I’m happy about using them, and I know my team lead might night like it this. But I’m ok on signing only Loyal customers to enjoy the amazing products I’m selling. Hoping that I might change at least one person at a time.
3rd – That’s it. I’m going to focus on two things this year because I don’t want to burn myself out. God knows what will happen this year, but I’m hoping that he will lead me in the right direction.

Have the most amazing YEAR ALL 2020


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