I recently moved from Halifax, NS to Victoriaville, PQ. My hometown. Being the season of the holidays, It felt like a Hallmark story. I left at 20 and came back 30 years later. But as I walked around the city remembered how different it was. I Lost a good friend here and I know he always watches over me my angle.

Had many late nights, partying and lots of fun. Crushed on the hottest guy on our street. Funny thing is that I would know when he left when he arrived and always knew when he was outside. I wonder now if that is considered stalking. Haha.

But as I walked in front of the church. Eglise Ste-Victoire. As I kid raised in a Catholic home we all had to go to the 11:00 mass with my dad. The funny thing is what we chose to remember and what we chose to forget, or maybe bury it deep down. Good or bad.

Yeah, things have changed, but the street names haven’t. Growing up we didn’t have a car. So we walked a lot in the wintertime. In the summer it was our bikes. It was the best way to know the city. Even with the cold weather, I’m still going to explore as I’m here till Christmas I don’t know many people in Victoriaville and the people I do know are outside the city. So happy Thursday all. Enjoy

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