Surprised let’s continue from yesterday Excerpt

Everyone has secrets; it’s how the world turns. They also fight demons-well, maybe not everyone, but Megan did. Those demons are buried deep down in the bit of your soul hidden and locked away. It’s The only way you way you keep moving.

But when they finally surface and you set those secrets free, you no longer see the darkness that surrounds you. You are finally set free when the truth is unveiled. You cannot hide it anymore because that one person you are keeping it from sees right through you.

You take your mother’s advice, take a chance, and let it go. By letting the pain that was holding you back free, only then you can truly be happy. Then the future doesn’t look so scary. Megan took that chance and finally understood what her mother meant by having the right man in her life.

Megan reached out and touched his face, his dark whiskers, his sensual lips, his high cheeks bones, to his silky black hair. Yes she took the chance. he made trusting him easy this time. He fought for her when she couldn’t fight for herself. He protected her. Megan rested her had on the side of the bed holding his un-injured hand, hoping and praying that her happiness would wake up. She would rather die a thousand deaths to have him look at her again; to touch her and its her. He was her world now but days had passed and still no movement. They said the surgery went well, but you never know if a patient will ever wake up.

Megan held his hand and raised it to her cheeks, feeling his warmth on her face. She closed her eyes and held her breath, saying a silent prayer. She kissed the inside of her palm and lingered, her warm lips on his hand, breathing in his scent. Four long excruciating days since that tragic cold winter day at the cabin. Megan couldn’t remember when she had slept last, knowing if she tried the nightmare would come again. Feeling his hand on her face and holding it in place, she held back tears. If she let them fall, she feared that the man she loved would never wake up. She needed to believe he would pull through, would come back to her, because Max Pierce cannot die. She found it funny how six months ago, she was the one fighting for her life. He never gave up on her.

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