Morning all, the last few day’s I’ve been posting excerpt of Billionaire’s Forgiveness. – Keep in mind that Billionaire’s Love is where Max and Megan’s story begins. If you want o know what to ready 1st. Billionaire’s Forgiveness is the conclusion.

Present day – Chapter two

Max’s patience was running thin; waiting had never been his strong suit. Security gave him two options; they could escort him out, or he could stay with the others in the hospital waiting room. He knew arguing with the head ER nurse would not get him what he wanted. He wanted to stay by Megan’s side, but they had refused to let him pass-family members only. He had never lost his control with another person because most people didn’t argue with him, they just did what he asked. When the nurse told him that he couldn’t follow, he lost it and punched the wall, which didn’t earn him any favours. The next thing Max knew, he was being restrained and pulled aside by two security guards. These things did not happen to Max Pierce. Hell, he was usually the on who did this to other people when things got out of hand.

His fists were at his sides and he felt the pain in his knuckles, but it was nothing compared to what he was feeling in his heart. This feeling of being out of control for a woman was over powering. The sight of Megan lying motionless in her pool of blood kept flashing in his mind. Why is it taking so long for her family to get here? He thoughts.

Max couldn’t stand still; he needed to move, but even that didn’t calm him. He leaned against the wall in the hospital waiting room, feeling the world around him closing in. He closed his eyes, hoping that the pain in his chest would ease. Tonight was not what he had envisioned when he spotted Megan’s car at the construction site. Harrison Construction was building a complex for Pierce Enterprises, and every night for the last month her car was there as he drove by late at night. He hated the thought that she was working those long hours, but that was the stipulation in the contract. The building had to be done by a certain time to avoid a fine. Tonight he had planned to put an end to her long hours when he stopped.

Thank you all for reading, please watch tomorrow for another few paragraphs from CHAPTER TWO. HUGS. BRENDA

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