Excerpt for Billionaire’s Forgiveness – continues Chapter 2

Now seeing her again, he wanted her. He wanted to put that smile on her face again. He wanted to remove the sadness, the hurt, and loneliness that reflected back at him. She hid it well but he knew better. He put those emotions there and she had kept them buried. he would let her have her say. Megan didn’t care who he was or how rich he was; she only cared about the man he was with her. The moment he saw her at the fundraiser, he knew there would never be anyone else. The flame was still there, and he was going after her full force. The instant that they touched, he knew she felt it too. That electricity jolting our bodies, he thought. We were made to be together! he was going to make sure that Megan stood by him as an equal and his life partner.

Max thought back to earlier that day when she walked into his office. She was angry and he could see it immediately. She was upset and he knew he was going to get her anger thrown at him. He knew that in anger there is passion, in passion there was desire, and eventually they combine into amazing sex. He knew she was fighting him all the way and she was not afraid to speak her mind. Maybe the gifts were a little too much and this had finally got to her, but damn the chemistry they had would burn up his office building.

Max thought back about that passionate kiss that left them both breathless that morning, her lying on his desk with her blouse open and her breast just waiting to be devoured, her legs wrapped around his waist. If the phone had not rung, he would have been inside of her. claiming her. Just thinking about it made him want to fight everyone in this damn hospital just to be at her side, but her he was, waiting until someone from her family arrived.

Thanks for reading this excerpt, who know I just might write a little more. HAVE A WONDERFUL AND AMAZING WEEKEND ALL. BE SAFE.


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