Reading Thursday

A few years ago already I read Billionaires Obsession By JS SCOTT. THE while series anyway a few weeks ago I decided to Re-read this series. You can find it on Kindle Unlimited,.

It truly is an amazing Series. All these Alpha men that their main goal is to protect the woman they are Obsession wife. The woman they are obsessed with, fight them and stand their ground.

I haven’t read the newest one yet cause I wanted to refresh in my mind all the characters.

Many authors have inspired me in my writing. Most are the ones that have the family series. JS Scott, Melody Anne, Ruth Cardello. If my library was created if actual books instead of my Ipad I would be surrounded by many. I cherish the books I have gotten an autograph.

If you’re looking for good Thriller suspense. Check out Pamela Callow. Ger stories are based right here in Halifax Nova Scotia. Can’t wait for her next one to come out.

For me reading is so much better than TV. Unless you are binging something on Netflix.

Anyway. Happy reading all and enjoy your Thursday. I’m that much closer to Friday then Vacation. Can you hear me screaming haha cheers all. Brenda

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