How fast do you drive?

I’ve always considered myself a fast driver.  I like speed, well to a point anyway without killing myself.  When I”m alone, depending on the car I have, When cruising on the highway, you get lost driving.  If you have ever driven in the Maritimes especially in New Brunswick there is a stretch were you feel alone on the highway as you cruising either north or south. It sometimes can be long but  when the sunroof is open and the wind blowing through your hair, the sun is shining down on you and there is no one ahead of behind you. Why not test the theory how fast you can Zoom Zoom down the road

For me honestly was a few years ago, I rented a car and I wasn’t expecting it, but they gave me A3 Audi. Now let me tell you one thing, I’ve always loved Audi.  Never had one but the feel of a powerful car in your hands is exhilarating. I should be on cruise control but I wasn’t, the next thing I knew I looked down and was I going 160 KM on the highway,  To be the car was a smooth ride and I feel more in-love with Audi brand.

Now thought I haven’t been travelling as much, and I realized as I was driving to work on Tuesday morning, I felt was was the slowing car on highway 103. I was going about 115-120 km yet, people were driver over 130km.  Please tell me what is the purpose of going that fast in the morning. The must really love their jobs. Haha.  I on the other hand would rather go in reverse back home. I understand that heading home at night that you wantto get home and forget about the day you had, so yeah speed I would understand. But if anyone has travelled on highway 103, you really feel like you are a speed track and faster you go the better.

When I was a kid growing up I used to watch my grandmother sometimes drive away, and I ask her once why you go so fast. her answer was: I don’t want to hold up traffic, and I’m going as fast as everyone else. That kind of stuck with me.  I’ll be honest when I”m alone I like driving fast, but I’m not wear near other drivers that go much faster than I. I’ve calm down a little – well maybe not it all depends on the vehicle I’m driving. My versa is getting old so I don’t push her. When I’m behind Jeep Cherokee, she’s a little more powerful and she’s a beast in a snow storm she drives smoothly.

So my question to you all  is how fast is too fast?  What is your limit? Me 120KM is my limit, now every now and now if i need to do a little more I do only to pass someone.

But I’m still trying to figure out why people are heading into work and driving 130km and more. It’s 6:30 in the morning why are you driver that fast to get to work.  is it to get the best parking spot, or to be in line at Tim Horton, or Starbucks. I just don’t get it. I for one I’m not in the hurray in the morning to driver that fast to work.

These are my thoughts for today, I always wondered why?

Be safe, and be kind.



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