Good Morning all, a while back I had started this (What are you reading Thursday). So today I thought it would be great to tell you about a series I’m reading.

Everyone that has been following me through the years I’m a HUGE fan of MELODY ANNE. I’m addicted to her stories. She bring you into her web of stories and you keep wanted more. Hello Billionaire’s Series the ANDERSONS, need I say more.

Anyway, she started this Diamond (Twelve Horizons of Charlie)  Series. I wasn’t sure if I would like it. It’s about a girl from a small town in Oregon, that falls in-love and tragic happens…(note I’m not saying anything) anyway it’s heart breaking but Charlie takes you away. She out to rediscover herself.  I’m so hooked now it’s crazy. it’s funny, yet very emotional take your tissues out ladies.

I’m on the 4th book and I swear I would love to go to Italy, there are so many places in the world I would love to travel too. Yet, Charlie is taking me there on her journey. It sometimes would be fun to rediscover yourself in life. To find who you are, what is your purpose in life. I think we all go through this kind of journey. So in a way I fell in-love with another of Melody Series. OH, I said that already…  haha.

Anyway- if you are looking for short read, and you want to take a journey, check out Melody Anne Diamond Series, I know you will love it. by the way everyone should have a beestie like Stephany Lawrence, Charlie Diamond best friend.

So today is my daily thought of the day check it out HAPPY READING, share along and hug someone today.

oh one more thought it’s on AMAZON, if you have unlimited it’s free to read, so what are you waiting for.



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