Monday’s thoughts

Good Morning all. 


First and FOREMOST. I want to wish my BEST FRIEND the MOST amazing day ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BFF. Lizette Gagniere.  Let me tell you about my best friend. She’s been there through my hard time as my good ones. We might in 1977.. yes, don’t say it WE ARE young chicks at heart.

To know her is to love her as she is. She’s Loving, strong, kind-hearted, talented, a kinder-spirit and no matter what happens in life she will push through everything to give what she can to her wonderful girls. Now a grandmother and I know she’s loving it all over again.  I miss her with all my heart and I wish I could have seen her during the holiday, but COVID-19 or OMICRON, DIDN’T allow us to see each other for good reason.

But my thoughts and heart will always be part of her. I miss her, and I miss our trips together.  Our best trip ever was the ONE we went camping, I know she might not agree with me, but going to Maine will always be with me. The best was the day trip to RYE New Hampshire, as we border chatter boat to go whale watching.

We didn’t think that we would see any as the day was gray, fog, and cold. but the further we traveled the sun broke. And that day was the best day ever as humpbacks were out and we were surrounded.  That day will always be my best day ever spent with my best friend. Lizette please have the most amazing day and love you with all my heart.

Other news, I’m writing again. it’s been a heard two years if not more. Right now I’m re-writing a novella, with Mary Pierce and Jake Owen.  if you have read my previous books I haven’t introduced Mary yet, she will be when I write Brandon,  Once I finish Mary, I will get back and re-write Brandon Pierce. Once that is done I’m thinking that I will pull all my books from the platforms they are in and dedicate them to Amazon only. but I’m still debating on that.

My goals this year as a writer. I want to write as many books as possible. I would love to get some books out this year, who knows what the future will hold.

Amazon Special Billionaire’s Mistake, Josh, and Lizzie’s story are on amazon for only .99.  This short story is only about 100 pages, so go check it out.  I’m also thinking of continuing this story but you tell me. You, my readers, are the judge of this.

Sadden, this weekend I found out an ex-colleague that works with our team at Clarke died on January 7th. My heart and prayers are with her family and her children. Hugs.

Wish, you all the very best for 2022 hugs.

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