Did you ever receive a compliment out of the blue that made you cry? I know, I did yesterday, after I posted my snippet. Having someone say how proud he/she was of me. Felt so amazing inside and took me by surprise and I cried. My day job takes so much of my time, and it’s stressful. We meet so many wonderful people as a writer. Should I consider myself a writer? Well, that is a good question don’t you think? From the first moment you write, doesn’t matter if it’s a journal, or manuscript or writing down your most inner thoughts. You are a writer, having three books published you become an Author.
Through this journey, you meet so many amazing people. Some stand by you wondering what your next book will be, some become friends even if you never met them.  You brainstorm ideas and they help you along the way.  They become a best friend where they don’t judge but listen.
So today’s post is about honouring these people that you have in your life. It doesn’t matter how you met but how long you stay connected. Some may stay a lifetime, some maybe only in passing. As your journey in life continues.  They are so many wonderful human beings that have crossed my path. And I’m grateful to have these people in my life.  So from the bottom of my heart and you all know who you are I Love You, for what you bring to my life to my journey of writing. Telling me to keep going even if I feel that it isn’t worth it. Damn right it’s worth it.  Because it is those friends that will keep pushing you forward.
This friend I was brainstorming with, I mentioned, I wanted to write a poem about Liam giving Mia telling her how he felt. That I wanted to give this hardcore businessman a soft side of him. Mia has only seen the arrogant side of Liam. Cold-hearted person, he portrays to the outside world.  What Mia doesn’t know is that he cares about her, more than he should, and there is one thing Liam would not do.  Is dating his best friend girl, until it becomes clear that his best friend is no longer in the picture.
So I wanted to write a poem I don’t know what I was going to write, as I’m not a poet.  The next thing I know my friend sent me this. A gift!  Oh, did I tell you that this friend writes poetry?
So long I hungered for  you, while you were someone else’s 
My heart would feel the pain, Of wanting but not having you
The man you loved was my friend, I couldn’t tell you how I hurt. 
The torment haunted me daily, I just couldn’t say a word. 
Tragedy brings us closer, My heart screams out for you. 
I am lost without your presence, My feelings are strong and true. 
A gift, that I would cherish, and will be in Liam and Mia’s story, I don’t know how or when but it will be written in.
I wish I could publish more, but with all good things take time, I’ll keep writing my stories and my journey, Writing is therapeutic as I lose myself in a journey that isn’t mine.  So to all, you writers out there don’t stop. An author once told me never to stop writing, it’s a craft, and you never know when it will be your turn. All it takes is one, to win your readers and they are hooked.
It all comes down to surrounding yourself with knowledge follow the authors you love. Authors are the kindest people you can be around with.  As I notice that they are the first to help you if you have a question. Even the most famous ones will take the time to help, it’s so amazing how these groups of men and women are. So with that my lovely friends have a fabulous Thursday.
Hugs and be safe.



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