We made it or did we? Friday.
Good Morning my dearest friends.
I wanted to write this last night, but all I could think about was work.  I don’t what that in my blogs as I don’t want hatred stating all the bad emotions I was feeling. Instead, I woke up this morning and thought about dreams.

I love to dream, we all do it it’s our subconscious taking us on an adventure as we sleep. Don’t you think? Some dreams I remember some we don’t.

The worst is waking up during the night in a jolt and you don’t know why?  You try to go back to sleep but you can’t something scared you.  Does this ever happen to you?  Me more than once during the week.

There are some dreams where my…my… don’t wake up …haha. and you do of course.

I remember long ago a dream that will always be remembered.  I was standing in the middle and a circle of elephants was all facing me. In reality, I think I would have been a little intimated by them. But in my dream, I thought they were judging me. For what I’m not sure. But as I remember this dream un-afraid of them, I was smiling.  I told my best friend what I had dreamt about and she said that luck is coming your way.

Now I cannot remember if this happened or not, maybe it did. But sometimes I like to stay in my dreams because sometimes it’s better than the real world at times.

I try to write down my dreams if I remember them, most time I don’t.  The moral of this story in a way is DREAM BIG!

Go after what you want, scream it out to the universe and maybe it will send you back what you need Stay positive and focus. remove the hatred you feel inside yourself as it has no place in your life. If I would have posted what I wanted last night I would have hated it and I would have angered people.  Our emotions can take over sometimes but we need to push them out, and sleep on as they say.

So these are my Friday morning thoughts, and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Stay strong have goals, and oh yeah, I have a deck to take down this weekend so bring on the hard work, and use that built-up frustration and do a little demolition. haha I know I will.

hugs and be safe






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