Who am I?

Who is Brenda Pearson? 

The other day as I was driving into work. I was listening to FX 101.9 Halifax Country Station, and there’s a contest with different categories. The announcer pulled out a question and stated. You are on a first date, and you need to describe yourself to your date.   So the question was to name ten things about yourself. Who are you?

It made me think about who I am. Could I describe ten qualities about myself? On the spur of the moment, I could only come out with 5.

If you ask my best friend Lizette, I know it would take her 5 seconds to tell everyone who Brenda Pearson is. She would tell anyone my best qualities would be: Loyal, loving, positive, intelligent, generous, funny, social and sweet, helpful/giving, gutsy, and beautiful inside and out.

Yes, the above is what she told me. I had texted her, which is what she said. I laugh at the gutsy part, but that is how she sees me. She also added that at times, I was unsure of myself but not shy, bold, patient, and honest.

We sometimes don’t see ourselves that way, and who the best to give your best qualities but your best friend?   Funny how other people see you when you look at yourself, and that is not what I would say; maybe some parts of her list are accurate,

How I see myself if someone asks me the question; Ten qualities that would describe myself

  • 1 – Loyal
  • 2- Caring/giving – I think these two go together
  • 3 – trustworthy/honest
  • 4 – hardworking
  • 5 – Positive/outgoing
  • 6 – Patient
  • 7 – loving
  • 8 – funny/ I so love to laugh.
  • 9 – adventurist
  • 10 – Shy ( when I feel insure in a group of people) (introvert comes out. )

So I want to take this time and ask yourself if you come across someone new and they ask you this question, would you be able to answer them truthfully? Try this in less than one minute to see if you can give or share your best ten qualities about yourself.

So with that, have a fabulous Wednesday






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