Good morning my dear friends.

On Monday I started not feeling well. And yesterday I took a Covid test and I’m positive. I look at the test and said wow. 2 years three shots received and it finally got to me. High fever aching body.

Didn’t sleep much on Monday as my heart palpitation was over 100 thinking I was running a marathon. Around midnight my body became over heated and I had to do something. Yes, I’m sure this was the fever reaction. So silently I had to calm my body so I went into the pool. It was damn cold but wasn’t as our pool temperature is maintaining at 80 degrees.

With no sleep I managed to get up and work. Thank goodness I work from home. Today I feel a little better except for a cough every now and then.

I know I still have somewhat of a little fever but not as strong as Monday.

So I ask you all.

Did you ever have Covid?

What was yours reaction to it?

How long did it last?

I would love to hear your story.

These are my thoughts for today


Brenda 💋

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