Good morning all. So how was everyone weekend. I for one completely and utterly shut down. Mind and body, I was so tired. I started off Saturday morning with a round of golf with Derek and friends. I didn’t play my best, I wasn’t feeling myself. It’s like every swing I took, took everyone out of me. I wasn’t focus, and I didn’t play as well as I should. It happens right?

It was a rainy weekend in Nova Scotia this weekend, and it might have been because we played in drizzle Saturday but every part of my body was cold. No matter what I tried. Hot shower, coffee, warm blanket, and I even turned on the heat to get the dampness out of the house.

So that being said, I wanted to write this weekend, I did a little but not enough to say I made progress. I made a few Book Brush cards, which I’m loving. All authors should be link that. The make it so easy to make them.

I love not doing anything this weekend, and it felt good. So what is your balance, and how do you all find it.

So with that I hope everyone has an amazing MONDAY.

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