Did you ever wonder what you would be like growing older? I know I haven’t. These are my thoughts.

Growing up we didn’t have electronics. Scary huh! But being a kid we did thing we went outside and played. We knock on your friends door to see if they wanted to play. Didn’t matter what it was we were outside.

Luxury of cell phone came, then social media and we surround ourselves what is happening on our cell or what our friends are doing. We don’t call anymore we text.

It’s funny as growing up I used to memorize phone numbers now the only phone number I seem to remember is my own. Sad though come to think about it. I’m no better I surround myself with my electronic. iPhone/IPad and my Mac. Oh another thing is that I don’t like to share my stuff. When did I turn into this person. God knows I guess it’s time that made me who I am now.

It all comes to getting older I cannot keep up with all the technology. Expand my horizon yeah right it’s scary as shit. but I embrace is might take me longer than this generation but by the time I learn it there is something new. Oh well move along. Haha.

All I know is I hope that when it comes the time for me to retire I hope I will enjoy myself. Not live like a hermit. I want to live! Until I cannot any longer and most of all I don’t want to put the burden on anyone.

Going into a resident is not saying I’m going there to die. It’s telling me I still have living to do with people my age that understand our struggles. Most of all I’m not or should I say don’t want to put the burden on my children or sister or brothers or husband on family. This is me stating a fact on what I want. Being older doesn’t stop you from living you need to adapt to a new way of living let the younger generations help you because you know damn well you have done all you can. Enjoy life there is more then electronic or TV. Go back to the socializing one on one with a person. Get out there and live as you do not know what tomorrow will bring. Walk stay active.

Only wish that someone in my life would understand this and not give us a hard time. We only want what is best for our parent as we know they did the best they could. For us.

Well these are my thoughts for today. Enjoy you Monday all



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